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Appointment Information

—————KIM DEAKINS—————

Appointment Inquiry Procedure

To contact Kim, please email her at pinkgoblintattoo@gmail.com 

Please expect 2-4 weeks for a response to your inquiry. 

Supply a brief description of the tattoo you would like to get including

-exact location (example: upper, outer, left arm

-rough dimensions

-the style of tattoo ( all styles I do can be viewed on 

Instagram  @koreanhammer or her section of this site)

-please supplement your information with a few images of your ideas. 

This information will help speed up the appointment process. 


-  Kim  typically book out six months 

-  She  requires a $200cash or $205 PayPal deposit that goes towards the cost of the tattoo

-deposits are transferable and non refundable 

Thank you so much! ✌🏾❤️🌈

—————LYDIA KINSEY—————

To book an appointment with Lydia please email her at LydiaKinseyHunt@gmail.com or DM her on Instagram @LydiaKinsey. She should get back to you within a week (unless she is out of town, check her Instagram for those delayed response times.)  She’s  currently  booking  about a month and a half  in advance.  

Appointment Inquiry Procedure

  1. What is the subject matter you’re wanting? Please include reference images.
  2. What size are you looking for? (Estimate inches)
  3. Where are you wanting it? 
  4. What style are you considering? Please include reference images.

My consult hours are Wednesday-Saturday 1pm-5pm, please come by anytime during those hours to discuss your idea!   

Here’s a **FAQ** to make things a little easier.

**1. What is the best way to contact me? **

The only ways to contact me (that I use for tattooing) are DMing me on my @LydiaKinsey Instagram or emailing me at LydiaKinseyHunt@gmail.com (or via my section of our website www.pinkgoblintattoo.com it links directly to my email.) DM’s are not checked on Facebook or the PinkGoblinTattoo Instagram. And the Pink Goblin email is ONLY for Kim, it is not a shared email. 

**2. Do I take walk-ins? **

Sometimes!  But like most shops, only if I have time. I can occasionally  fit in small stuff between appointments, but I’m the only one  that will do walk-ins at Pink Goblin, so I can only do so much. 

**3. Do you need an appointment for a consultation? **

No, I take consultations anytime during my business hours, Wednesday-Saturday 1-5pm.  Just double check my Instagram and make sure I haven’t posted that I’ll be out of town or leaving work early and you should be good! 

**4. What’s my pricing like? **

My minimum is $60-80 depending on location and I’m around $120 an hour. 

**5. Do you need to put down a deposit?**

If you’re making an appointment, yes! The deposit is usually $60 for smaller pieces and $100 for more elaborate ones. I prefer the deposit in cash, if you’re coming in from out of town, we can make PayPal  or  venmo  work. Your deposit goes towards the cost of the tattoo and reserves a spot in my book. Please let me know any rescheduling or cancellations 24 hours in advance or risk loosing your deposit.  As  common practice with  most  tattoo  shops, deposits  are  transferable  but    nonrefundable.  

**6. Can you give me an estimate online? **

Unless it’s itty bitty, no. If you’re coming from out of town I can *try* to give you a general estimate, but 90% of the time I only do estimates in person. 

**7. Do you take cash or cards?** 

Yes! But I charge a 3% transaction fee for cards. I do NOT take checks.  

If you have anymore questions, please let me know! K thanks love you bye.