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Good Vibes, Great Tattoos.

Good Vibes, Great Tattoos.





Dearest clients, to say we have been struggling over this decision would be an understatement. In Georgia, it doesn’t look like things will be getting drastically better anytime soon, we can neither fight this alone or afford to stay closed indefinitely. We will begin taking appointments (only appointments) and have STRICT guidelines to which everyone will be sticking to. Please look to each tattooers Instagram for more information on how they will be handling the appointment process. While we are already an extremely sterile shop, we will be taking even more steps to keep everyone safe. This not ideal.  But we appreciate your support and we love you very much.   05/19/20

Pink Goblin Appointment Protocol 

To keep everyone safe, which is our NUMBER ONE priority, we’ve created guidelines to keep the shop as sterile as possible. We take safety very seriously, so if you arrive for your appointment and refuse any of these steps your appointment will be canceled and deposit forfeited. You are welcome to reschedule in advance if any of these procedures make you uncomfortable.

-You will be required to wear a mask at all times inside the shop. (We will be doing the same.)

-All artists will be doing consults via email ONLY. We will be physically closed to everyone except our already scheduled appointments. But happy to answer any questions online! 

-We will be 100% appointment only. This means we will not be allowing you to bring friends or family with you.

-If you have have been exposed to anyone feeling ill two weeks prior to your appointment or are feeling ill yourself, do not come in. Please reschedule as soon as possible.

-Clients will be required to wash their hands upon entering the shop.

-Please take your temperature the morning of your appointment. We will also be taking our own temperatures everyday. We are currently working out a system to be able to check your temperature upon your arrival.

-You will NOT loose your deposit, unless you do not follow these instructions or you no call-no show. So if you are feeling ill the day of, let us know. We will be happy to reach you and will hold your deposit for a future date. 

-Upon arrival if we feel that anyone has symptoms we will be using our best judgment and will reschedule you on the spot. 

Meet the Shop


Kim Deakins

Lydia Kinsey Hunt

Lydia Kinsey Hunt

Owner of Pink Goblin and tattooer of over ten years, Kim specializes in floral and geometric tattooing. To contact her regarding consultations or appointments email pinkgoblintattoo@gmail.com. Appointment only. 


Lydia Kinsey Hunt

Lydia Kinsey Hunt

Lydia Kinsey Hunt

Lydia is a three year tattooer and specializes in traditional and fine line tattooing. She is appointment only. Check out her work on her Instagram @LydiaKinsey  and contact her via email at lydiakinseyhunt@gmail.com


Lori Cataldo

Lori Cataldo

Lori Cataldo

Lori, our newest addition, just moved here from New Orleans. She has been tattooing 7 years and specializes in colorful and ornate pieces.
To book an appointment contact her at MadameLTattoo@gmail.com


About us

Lori Cataldo

Lori Cataldo

Pink Goblin is a female owned and operated tattoo shop located in the Chase Street warehouse artist community. A safe space for all genders, religions, races, and orientations. We love you all 💖


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Thank you, Athens!

Athens Favorite Tattoo Studio

Thank you so much Athens for voting us as your favorite tattoo studio 2020! We are so honored and grateful to receive this award, and thank you Flagpole Magazine for hosting! 💖

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Pink Goblin Tattoo

149 Oneta St Suite 6C8, Athens, Georgia 30601, United States

Contact Kim at PinkGoblinTattoo@gmail.com Contact Lydia at LydiaKinseyHunt@gmail.com Contact Lori at MadameLTattoo@gmail.com